Return Policy

At Livingston and Haven, we understand that there are times where products will need to be returned for various reasons. In order to expedite this process as well as protect the interets of both our customers and Livingston and Haven, we have the following return policy.
  • Goods may not be returned by customer without Livingston and Haven's prior written authorization.
  • Any request to return goods must be made within 10 days from receipt of the goods.
  • Returned goods must be in first class saleable condition, in their original container, shipment prepaid and subject to inspection upon receipt by L&H.
  • When goods are returned because of an acknowledged error by Livingston and Haven, Livingston and Haven will rectify its error promptly without expense to the customer.
  • If the authorized return is not because of a fault of Livingston and Haven or its suppliers, Livingston and Haven will undertake all reasonable action to minimize the expense of such returns; however; Livingston and Haven reserves the right to make a handling and restocking charge.
  • Products and systems that have been modified, manufactured or fabricated to customer’s specifications are not returnable.
In keeping with the stated return policy, the following procedures are being placed into effect March 1st 2010.
  • All product returned to Livingston and Haven will be inspected by the central warehouse prior to acceptance.
  • Product found to be in a condition that prevents it’s resale will be rejected, and returned with a letter of rejection.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the return of an item or our return policy, please contact the customer service representatives at your local store.