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W01-358-7564 Firestone Industrial Bellows Actuator

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W01-358-7564 Firestone Industrial Bellows Actuator

Firestone Industrial Air Spring

Mfr Part #
Part # Variations: W01-358-7564, WO13587564, WO1-358-7564
Additional Info: WO1-358-7564, 116B Style AirSpring, Type 1 Bead Plate, (2) 3/8-16 Blind Nuts On 2.75" Centers, 1/4" NPT Centered Port
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Firestone Airstroke™ actuators are being used in industrial applications as pneumatic actuators that play important roles in some of the most innovative modern machine design. Because of the Airstroke™ actuators durability, resiliency in abrasive environments and overall performance, these actuators can serve as replacements in applications using traditional pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

AirStroke™ Advantages


In most cases, the Airstroke initial cost is about 50% less than more conventional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders with the same force capabilities. The larger the size equals a greater savings.

Wide Range

Airstroke actuators are made in sizes that go from 2.2 in. to 37 in. in diameter. The force capability is 100,000 lbs. with the possibility of strokes of up to 14 in.


Airstroke actuators share many of the same qualities as Firestone's legendary Airide springs for truck and bus suspensions. The resiliency needed for millions of miles with heavy duty suspension use is designed to withstand adverse environmental conditions and other harsh situations.

No Internal Rod, Piston, or Sliding Seals

Within the Airstroke actuators, there are no internal rods, pistons, or sliding seals like many of the conventional cylinders, this gives Airstroke™ the advantage in applications where dirt or grit would erode conventional cylinder seals.

No Friction

With the absence of sliding seals, the Airstroke actuators have no breakaway friction.


An Airstroke actuator works with diverse medias, either a liquid or gas (Please see datasheet for acceptable media choices.)

Angular Capabilities

An Airstroke stroke through an arc without a clevis creating the possibility of angular motion of up to 30 degrees.

Side Loading Capabilities

Airstroke actuators, under certain conditions, are unaffected by side loads. This eliminates the chances for rod bending, scoring, and excessive seal wear, common issues when using a conventional cylinder.

Compact Starting Height

Airstroke actuators have a low profile compared to conventional cylinders. The smallest Airstroke actuator (2.2 in./dia.) collapses to just 1.1 in. in height, while our largest triple convoluted Airstroke (37 in./dia.) will collapse to a very compact 5.5 in.

Factory Tested

Airstroke actuators feature Firestone's proven concept of crimped end plates. The crimped design allows for pre-shipment testing and quicker installation on equipment.

L&H Part #148310000A
ManufacturerFirestone Industrial Prod
Mfg. Part#W013587564